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New Graphing Feature | PowerFuel v1.2

July 26, 2013 | By | No Comments

One of the most frequently requested features  for PowerFuel is the ability to see the history of price movements. Well, the glorious day has arrived. Introducing, “Graphing for PowerFuel.”

Graphing: A Quick “how to”

We kept this simple.

  • Tap on the graph icon or swipe left to see the quick 7-day chart.
  • Tap on that chart for a full screen view.
  • Tap and hold to see the graph details.

How to read the graph:

This graph charts the change of fuel prices from day-to-day. If the dot is above the middle ZERO line, then prices have increased. The further above the ZERO line, the higher prices have moved. If the dot is below the ZERO line, prices have moved down. That simple!

This makes you a smarter fuel buyer because now you can quickly view and analyze price trending history.


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