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How to Use

Fuel Market Tab

Fuel Market Tab

Overview – Fuel Market

This area gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of the petroleum spot market. Prices in a given geographical region are influenced by that region’s spot market. As goes the spot market, so goes fuel prices. If you want to predict the movement of gas prices, watching spot markets is the way to go. We have simplified the usually complex process of predicting the price of fuel.

Choose Location

Locations are automatically customized for Desert Fuels’ customers. Trial and Premium users may select locations from the regions menu.

Desert Fuels Customers

We think this is really neat! If you are a Desert Fuels customer, a list of your ship-to locations will display automatically. Just select a specific location (e.g., “Joe’s Gas Station”), and the region bar will move to show you spot prices and ordering possibilities for that area. We keep it simple.

Free & Premium Users

When you select, “Choose Location,” a list of all 50 states appears. Simply choose a state, and the region bar at the top will automatically slide to the correct region and display that state’s up-to-date spot prices.

Region Bar

The region bar is the blue area at the top. Slide the bar left or right to select a region. Fuel prices and products may differ from region to region. The products and prices will instantly update for the region selected.

  • Portland
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles (LA)
  • Group 3
  • Gulf Coast
  • Chicago Spot
  • New York Harbor
Why are fuel prices only displayed by region?

Fuel prices move relative to two major factors: the price of oil and local market conditions (e.g., refinery issues, product shortages, weather, etc.) Each region is its own intra-connected system, with its fuel prices reflecting its own unique variables and conditions. If you would like to know more about fuel regions, please visit “Industry Education” on Desert Fuels website under “Blog.”

Prices for the Market

The following information is provided for each product:

  • Price Change: This reflects the +/- change in the price for that product since the day’s opening market price. All prices are in $US dollars up to four places after the decimal (+/-$0.0000).
  • Current Price Trend: Simplified to a single sentence.
  • Buying Indicator: A concise indicator based on the market’s movement at that time.
  • Order Button: A “Desert Fuels Customer Exclusive.” Tap to enter a delivery window within any 6-hour period.

Always current pricing. Every time the iPhone app loads, it will grab the most up-to-date market price. You may also automatically update to the most current price by pulling the screen down to “refresh.”

Simplified Decision-Making

PowerFuel™ can help you make truly informed buying decisions based on actual price movement in your specific region.

  • Order fuel for Today.
    Prices are going up. Consider ordering fuel for today to avoid paying potentially higher prices tomorrow.
  • Order fuel for Tomorrow.
    Prices are going down. Consider ordering fuel for tomorrow to avoid today’s prices.
  • Wait to order fuel.
    The market is not moving enough to indicate its trend. If you have enough inventory, consider waiting for additional market updates.

Spot Markets

If you would like to know more about petroleum spot markets, please check out our “Industry Education” blog on a variety of relevant topics impacting the fuel market.

Order Tab

Order Tab

A Desert Fuels’ Customer Exclusive***

[box type=’info’]Available only to Desert Fuels customers, the “Order” tab enables you to quickly and efficiently order fuel for your own locations. If you would like to become a Desert Fuels customer, please give us a call at 1-(888)-750-FUEL (3835) or go here to fill out our account application.

Delivery Location

As a Desert Fuels’ customer, your ship-to locations will appear automatically. Simply select where you want your fuel delivered, and once the order is confirmed, it’s on its way.

Date & Time

Select the date and time delivery window in which you would like to receive your fuel. The time range defaults to “Anytime,” but you can specify a delivery window within any 6-hour time range.


There’s no reason why you should have to scroll through 50 different products when your delivery location can only accept two types. PowerFuel™ automatically filters the products eligible for your delivery location.

You can choose up to four products. Total number of gallons per load is limited to your state’s legal maximum per tanker.


Special delivery instructions? A gate entry code? Divide the diesel between two tanks? No problem! Tell PowerFuel™ any specifics we need to know about your order, and we’ll make it so.

Split Load

Want to split a load? Just designate the split on one order, place it, and create and place a new split order for the 2nd part. We’ll do the linking on our end.

Order Fuel

Double-check your order. Everything look good? Then just tap “Order Fuel,” and Desert Fuels follows the process listed below. By touching the “History” tab, you’ll know when the steps in bold have been completed.

  1. Desert Fuels receives and confirms your order.
  2. A carrier is selected based on the specific details of your order.
  3. Desert Fuels enters your order with the selected carrier.
  4. Carrier accepts and confirms your order.
  5. You are notified that the order has been confirmed.
  6. Your fuel is delivered.
History Tab

History Tab

A Desert Fuels’ Customer Exclusive***

Available only to Desert Fuels customers, the “History” tab enables you to review your entire order history. Your own purchasing database in the palm of your hand. If you would like to become a Desert Fuels customer, please give us a call at 1-(888)-750-FUEL (3835) or go here to fill out our account application.

Search an order by its number or delivery location. Or just view your most recent orders.

Order Status

There are 3 different status indicators for a load:

  1. Received: Desert Fuels has received your order and we are currently negotiating with carriers to select one ready to deliver your order during your desired time frame.
  2. Ordered: Once the selected carrier has confirmed the details of your order, the load will move to the “ordered” status.
  3. Invoiced: Once your load is delivered and invoiced, the status bar will no longer appear; it will instead be replaced by a tick to the left of the order, indicating that the order is completed.


Settings Overview

The settings area is accessed from any tab by tapping the gear icon at the top left of your screen. Here you are able to customize your PowerFuel™ Market App experience to suit your personal preferences.

Default Market

By choosing a default state, the region bar will automatically move and display the region that includes the state you’ve selected. Click here for a map depicting how the states are organized by the fuel industry into the various regions.

Market Swing Notification

A great tool to stay a step ahead of the competition.

When you’re about to order fuel, wouldn’t it be great to know before placing your order that the market is swinging up or down? One of the most powerful features of PowerFuel™ is its market-swing notifications, since swings typically indicate a price trend in that direction. This function automatically alerts you of market swings that reach or exceed up or down thresholds that you pre-set. If price is on the way up, you’ll likely want to buy immediately. Going down? You may want to wait until tomorrow to order or–if the carrier hasn’t been dispatched to lift your load at the terminal–even cancel an order you’ve already placed, giving you an opportunity to buy at tomorrow’s potentially lower price.

That’s powerful.

Market LOW-Swing Notification: Set this to the low end to be alerted if the amount of the swing hits or drops below that threshold. Example: Use $0.03 to be alerted when the market drops by 3 or more cents.

Market HIGH-Swing Notification: Similarly, set your high threshold to be alerted if the upswing hits or exceeds that mark. Example: Use $0.05 to be alerted if the market increases by a nickel or more.

Note: (1) To receive swing alerts, you must turn on “Receive Market Notifications” by sliding the indicator to “Yes.” (2) You will only receive alert notifications while the market is open, and only for your pre-set “default market.” (3) This feature provides only one swing notification per threshhold, per market-day, for a total of not more than two alerts in one day.

Account Information

Here you’ll find information about your Desert Fuels’ account. If you have multiple accounts, the blue section at the top of your screen will indicate the account you are viewing at any given time.

Account Types:

  • Free 30-Day Trial
  • Premium Access
  • Desert Fuels’ Customer

The remaining information will help you manage your subscription if you are a premium user, or will help our support team troubleshoot any problems if needed.

Notification History

Missed a market swing notification? Or want to see a history of PowerFuels’™ notifications? Simply tap “Notification History” for a recap of the notifications sent to your iPhone.


Need help?

  • Call Support at 1-888-750-FUEL (3835).
  • Email Support by using the form at the bottom of this page.