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Introducing PowerFuel

Revolutionize the way you buy wholesale fuel.

An iPhone App that gives you up-to-date fuel price movements for your region. Then, instantly order fuel and manage your orders.

Make smart buying decisions. Try PowerFuel.

Download for the iPhone

Quick 90 Second Video Intro to PowerFuel

See how PowerFuel will completely change the way you buy  wholesale fuel.

Fuel Market

Make the smartest buying decisions. Simply.

Predict the market. Everything you need to make smart buying decisions is literally, at your fingertips. No confusing stuff or fluff.

Region Bar: We’ve got you covered.

Select any region to see the market movement for that area.

  • Los Angeles
  • Group 3
  • Gulf Coast
  • New York Harbor
  • Chicago Spot

Simple Buying Suggestions.

“Order fuel for Today”
“Order fuel for Tomorrow”

Don’t you wish everything was this easy?

Pro-active Notifications.

Great for knowing when the market is making a big move.

PowerFuel alerts you when the fuel market swings. Customize the high & low thresholds when you want to be notified, and PowerFuel does the rest.

Order Fuel

Quickly order fuel for your location.

Create an order & receive confirmation. Order a load of fuel in seconds.

Your way.

Want to split loads? Three different products? We’ve got you covered. This simple order form does it all.

Order status.

Receive confirmation and track your orders in real-time.


Track Your Load

Know now. No wasted time.

Know that your order has been placed and that it is on its way. Check the status of any load, anytime.


Status is important. Here is what each one means.

  • Order Received: Desert Fuels has received your order and the logistics are being worked out.
  • Confirmed by the Carrier: The load has been confirmed by the carrier which means that we will nail that delivery time and date with all the details you asked for.
  • Delivered: The fuel has been delivered to your location.
  • Invoiced: An invoice has been generated for this order.


Every load, for every station, forever. With all the details too.

Download from the App Store

Simple Options.

If you are a Desert Fuels customer, great news! It’s all free to you. But don’t worry if you’re not (yet) one of our customers, because after your free 30-day trial, its only $10/mo.

  • Market Tab: Up-to-date fuel market information.
  • Pro-active market change notifications.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Works great. Gives all the info I need.

…I highly recommend this app for anyone in the industry, and I’m jealous of the Desert Fuels customers who get to order directly from it.

A Modern Tool For an Archaic Industry

I can’t believe it has taken this long for this technology to emerge. I have been receiving pricing updates from my secretary via text message for the past 10 years! Being able to see the latest pricing on demand is invaluable to my business. I would rate it a million stars if I could. Thank you so much!

A Must-have for Fuel-buyers

I’ve been looking for this kind of tool for a long time! Finally, an app for daily insight into the fuel market. Simple to navigate. It has more information I thought it would have – and in every region of the country. Anyone in the fuel industry – should have this app.